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BONUS: Interview with Zac Zildjian, Edible & Native Landscape Designer

Discover how even a small backyard can become a thriving food forest. Join host Dalia Colón as she explores edible and native landscaping with Zach Zildjian, Edible & Native Landscape Designer. Learn about the benefits of connecting with your food and the environment through sustainable gardening.

BONUS: Interview with Karen Bell of A.P. Bell Fish Co.

Learn about sustainable seafood with Karen Bell, Owner of A.P. Bell Fish Company. Join host Dalia Colón as she explores the storied history and eco-friendly practices of this iconic Florida fish house. Discover how local fishermen’s dedication to sustainable harvesting supports both community and environment.

How to Support Local Farmers and Farm-to-Table

How can the farm-to-table movement benefit our communities and the environment? Join host Dalia Colón as she visits Blumenberry Farm to chat with owner Colleen Blumenthal about local farming, the benefits of using seasonal produce, and the power of knowing where your food comes from. Discover how supporting local farms can lead to healthier, more sustainable food choices.

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How to Embrace a Plant-Based Diet

Discover how a plant-based diet can benefit both your health and the environment. Join host Dalia Colón as she explores delicious, sustainable cooking with Alyson Zildjian of Zildjian Catering. Learn simple and creative ways to incorporate more plant-based dishes into your diet.

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How to Include Children in Sustainable Eating

Simple actions like involving kids in cooking and exploring nature can shape eco-conscious attitudes and behaviors. Host Dalia Colón delves into family involvement in sustainable cooking and healthy eating habits with Jessie Wingar, Children's Garden Educator at the Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation, with insights on fostering a love for food and healthy choices in children.

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How to Reduce Food Waste

With 20% of landfills being food scraps, it's important to find creative ways to reduce food waste. Explore how composting can reduce food waste with host Dalia Colón and Tracie Troxler, Executive Director & Founder of Sunshine Community Compost. Taking small actions can lead to significant environmental impacts.

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How to Cook with a Climate-Conscious Mindset

From farm-fresh ingredients to inventive plant-based recipes, small changes in our culinary habits can have big impacts on the environment. Join host Dalia Colón as she ventures into the world of climate-conscious cooking with Emmanuel Roux, Founder of 15th Street Eco Farm in St. Petersburg.

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How to Buy Sustainable Seafood 

How do our seafood choices impact local ecosystems? And what should you look out for when shopping for seafood? Join host Dalia Colón as she learns practical tips for making eco-conscious decisions when selecting seafood from Dr. Angela Collins, Assistant Extension Scientist for Florida Sea Grant at UF/IFAS Extension.

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How to Start an Urban Garden

You don't need a ton of space to start a garden. Even a few potted plants can provide a bountiful harvest. Join host Dalia Colón as she delves into the world of urban gardening and learn practical tips for starting your homegrown garden with Albert Risemberg, Founder of Moon Landing Yoga and an urban gardening enthusiast. 

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How to Choose Eco-Friendly Foods

Sustainability feels like a monumental task that's bigger than any one of us, but even a small change can have a big impact. So, how can we get food that's more sustainable without breaking the bank? 

Explore how our food choices and purchases can affect the environment with William Cook, Co-Founder of lemonGRAFT.

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How This Indigenous Farmer Is Solving Food Insecurity | Women of the Earth

About the Show

Bite by Bite: Sustainable Eats explores the vital connection between food, agriculture, and the environment. From sustainable seafood to plant-based diets to reducing food waste, host Dalia Colón talks about food, naturally. Learn how everyday decisions can impact our planet while fostering hope and action.

New episodes will be released on Wednesdays @ 12:00 PM from April 24 through June 12, 2024.

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