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Wait, there's more than one channel? That's right. 

We offer six channels and numerous ways to watch. Watch WEDU PBS anytime, anywhere! Watch on TV or stream online. WEDQ is home to even more of what you love and available over-the-air, and on cable and satellite packages. WEDU PBS Kids can be watched on TV or streamed online.

The PBS Video app is your source for all the content you love, select WEDU PBS as your station and stream live or watch your favorite shows anytime on-demand!

Plus, WEDU Members get extended access to a library of quality public television with WEDU PBS Passport!


Our region's primary public TV station for over 60 years.

WEDU Create TV

Create® TV includes cooking, crafts and so much more.


More of what you love and encore presentations.

WEDU World

News, documentaries, and stories behind the headlines.


Your favorite PBS Kids shows available 24 hours a day.


News and current affairs programs from Tallahassee.

Find Our Channels

Over-the-Air | Antenna

Channels | Over-the-Air

WEDU PBS | 3.1
World | 3.2
The Florida Channel | 3.3
WEDQ PBS | 3.4
WEDU Kids | 3.5
Create | 3.6


On Cable

Frontier FIOS

WEDU PBS | 3 / 503
World | 474
The Florida Channel | 475
WEDQ PBS | 476 / 516
WEDU Kids | 473
Create | 472


WEDU PBS | 3 / 1003
World | 606
The Florida Channel | 604
WEDQ PBS | 605 / 1016
WEDU Kids | 617
Create | 618


WEDU PBS | 3 / 905
World | 138
The Florida Channel | 136
WEDQ PBS | 137
WEDU Kids | N/A
Create | N/A


WEDU PBS | 3 / 440 / 1003
World | 201 / 1197
The Florida Channel | 202 / 1198
WEDQ PBS | 203 / 441 / 1016
WEDU Kids | 205 / 1184
Create | 206 / 1185

Satellite Packages

More Options


Stream the best of PBS.

Anytime, anywhere.

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Using an Antenna? Lost Our Channels? Time to Rescan!

Work on our transmitter may have caused some viewers using antennas to lose our channels. If you rescan for channels, you can now find WEDU, WEDQ, Create TV, World Channel, PBS Kids, Florida Channel.

HOW TO RESCAN: Each TV is different, but here is a general guideline. Enter “Menu” or “Settings.” Next, select “Channel Setup” or "Program Channels" and select “Antenna” or “Air”. Make sure you are not on “Cable.” Select “Channel Search” or “Channel Scan.” A minute will pass while the TV finds the channels available. If you received WEDU before, but recently lost it; it should now reappear.