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Many Ways to Give

There are many ways to support WEDU PBS and create a legacy. A gift ignites young minds, lifts the spirits of Floridians and keeps open windows on the world for all. Believe in the best. Leave the best for the next generation. How you make your gift may determine what you can give. To learn more, explore the options below.


A cash gift is one of the most common and easiest methods for making an outright charitable contribution. If you itemize income tax deductions on your tax return, the first tangible benefit of making a gift by cash, check, credit card or on-line is the tax deduction for the full value of your gift. Another benefit is seeing the immediate results of your generosity. A cash gift also allows us to thank you publicly (with your permission) for your strong commitment to help support our mission and contribute to WEDU’s success, which can encourage others to do the same. Learn More

Bequest in Your Will

The way most people include WEDU in their estate plans is through a gift in their will. As with other types of gifts, we recommend that you seek advice from your professional advisor or attorney. Learn More

To include WEDU in your will, go to the Legal Language and Tax Information section below for suggested language and further information.

Beneficiary Designations

Beneficiary designations are easy to do and revocable if your plans change. They do not require the formality associated with executing or altering a will. Experts suggest reviewing your beneficiary designations every two to three years to be certain your assets reach your intended recipients.

Retirement plans, IRAs, Life Insurance and Insurance Annuities are not controlled by the terms of your will, but instead use separate beneficiary forms to determine who receives them. These designations take precedent of your will when it comes to passing along these assets, making them effective and easy ways to leave a gift. Learn More

Retirement Plans and IRAs

Typically, a retirement plan or IRA will be the largest source of assets that generate taxable income when paid to a beneficiary. It can be better to leave nontaxable assets (such as stocks and real estate) to your loved ones and the taxable assets (retirement accounts and IRAs) to tax-exempt charitable organizations, such as WEDU.

To complete such a gift, simply contact your retirement plan or IRA administrator and complete a beneficiary designation form naming WEDU as beneficiary, and the percentage you’d like us to receive (1%-100%). Then mail the form back to the plan administrator and keep a copy for your records. Learn More

Life Insurance Policies

You can designate WEDU as the beneficiary for a percentage of your life insurance policy’s death benefit, and choose whatever percentage you desire. To complete your future gift, contact your insurance company or agent, request and complete a beneficiary designation form and mail it back to the insurance company. Keep a copy for your records. Learn More

Insurance Annuities

Insurance annuities are tax-heavy assets to own and to transfer to a beneficiary. Income tax is due on the growth of the annuity – in other words, what the value is worth over what you paid for it. The tax burden makes these assets another popular choice to leave to a tax-exempt organization like WEDU. Similar to other beneficiary designations, to complete a gift from your insurance annuity, contact your insurance company or its agent for a change of beneficiary form, complete it and mail it back to the company, keeping a copy for your records.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are often described as personal charitable savings accounts. With this giving vehicle, a donor creates an account with a non-profit such as a community foundation or a non-profit arm of a financial service firm and funds the account with a contribution of cash, stock, or other assets like real estate or artwork. The donor may claim a charitable deduction for income tax purposes in the year that the contribution is made to the DAF, but can give from the account many years in the future. Once the DAF is established, donors tell the DAF administrator which nonprofits they would like to donate to from their accounts.

WEDU is able to receive contributions from Donor Advised Funds and welcomes support through this giving vehicle. Often, donors can request distributions to WEDU from their DAF online.

Below are direct links for common DAF administrators to submit your request to make a donation to WEDU from your fund:

IRA Charitable Rollover

IRA Charitable Rollover is a way for individuals who have reached age 70½ to donate up to $100,000 to WEDU directly from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA), without treating the distribution as taxable income. Giving from your IRA is a great way to satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) tax-free and support WEDU’s mission to serve the public good and to aid in the creation of an informed citizenry. Though the new SECURE Act does increase the minimum age to take your required minimum distribution (RMD) from 70½ to 72 years old, you can still make tax-free contribution to WEDU PBS from your IRA starting at 70½.

It is easy to make a contribution to WEDU from your IRA. Simply instruct your plan administrator to send a specific dollar amount directly to WEDU. Your administrator can send your gift by check or electronic transfer. Please let us know of your charitable intentions so we can ensure your gift is processed in an accurate and timely manner. For sample letters and more information, email Learn More

Charitable Gift Annuities

To create a Charitable Gift Annuity, an individual irrevocably transfers money, securities or other assets to a trust that will pay income for life or a period of years, for yourself and/or another beneficiary. At the death of the surviving beneficiary, the remaining principal in the trust goes to WEDU.

WEDU works through local community foundations to offer charitable gift annuities. Contact your local community foundation or WEDU for more information about this life-income gift. A portion of the initial transaction qualifies as a charitable deduction, and part of the annual payments up to life expectancy. Learn More

Charitable Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts provide people with a way of making a very substantial future gift to WEDU without depriving the donor of the income they may need during their lifetime. This is an irrevocable commitment.

Charitable Lead Trusts provide funding for WEDU either immediately or at a future date as a testamentary trust. The donor decides how much is paid and for how long. At the end of that period of time, the trust assets return to the family member(s) or other designated heirs. Learn More

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

Please contact the Development department to discuss. We will work with your broker to make necessary arrangements and to ensure you receive proof of your charitable deduction. This is an excellent way to avoid tax penalties on appreciated stock and still benefit WEDU. Learn More

Real Estate or Retained Real Estate

A charitable contribution of real estate, whether your personal residence, vacation home, farm, commercial real estate or vacant land, can give you numerous tax advantages. A gift of your home, or retained real estate, can allow you to continue living in your personal residence for your lifetime but still enjoy a charitable deduction on your income return. Please contact the Development department to discuss these options. Learn More

WEDU Visionaries

WEDU Visionaries is a group of donors who plan to leave a gift in their estate to WEDU, whether through their will or another way. WEDU Visionaries are honored with special benefits including complimentary program guides and invitations to special events and donor appreciation events. With their permission, WEDU Visionaries are listed annually in WEDU Premiere, our monthly membership magazine.

Gifts in any amount are valued by WEDU. Upon receipt, bequests are placed into the WEDU Endowment where theyprotect broadcasting without compromise and ensure the programming you enjoy continuesto be available for loved ones, neighbors and the community you care about.

Please let us know. If you’re planning to make WEDU one of your beneficiaries, we encourage you to tell us now. We can work with you and your advisors to make sure the bequest is planned and administered properly. It also gives us the opportunity to thank you and to welcome you as a member of WEDU Visionaries. Requests for anonymity are respected.

For more information about how you can become a WEDU Visionary, call our Development department at 813-739-2959 or Learn More

Legal Language and Tax Information

To include WEDU in your will, the following suggested language will be of interest to your attorney and provides suitable information.

“I give and bequeath to Florida West Coast Public Broadcasting (WEDU), Tax ID # 59-0840626, a charitable organization located at 1300 North Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33607, ($_____, or _____% of my estate, or my residual estate).”

WEDU Tax ID Number: 59-0840626

Planning Your Gift

  • Please think it through carefully.
  • Meet with your attorney and/or financial advisor to discuss and update your will or seek advice. Let them know exactly what you want to do, describing what you want given to whom.
  • Review your plans and beneficiary designations regularly.
  • Let us know. We would like to the opportunity to thank you for your generosity. If you prefer to remain anonymous, your gift will be kept confidential.


The information provided above is not intended as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.