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Sustainable Cities

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Want to help your city contribute to creating a better world? Let's start by prioritizing sustainable cities!

As community members, we can help our cities take steps toward sustainability that promote change worldwide. Through a few simple tips and tricks, you will be on your way to advocating for a greener and more eco-friendly home. 

Here's how your city can help save the world:

Promote Public Transportation

Public Transportation, biking, and walking are great alternatives to cars. This reduces air pollution, severely helps curb the nightmarish traffic congestion we've all come to expect, and encourages physical activity and social interaction.

Green Infrastructure

Another way is by using green infrastructure, such as green roofs, rain gardens, and permeable pavement, to manage stormwater and reduce the risk of flooding. These features also provide a habitat for wildlife and contribute to the city's overall biodiversity.

Prioritize Renewable Energy Sources

Cities can also prioritize energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. They can also place more charging stations around town to encourage the use of electric vehicles!

Engage the Community

Cities can ensure that their planning efforts prioritize equity and inclusion, by engaging with communities and prioritizing affordable housing, public parks, and access to healthy food.

So, whether you're a city planner, developer, or simply a citizen, remember that sustainable and equitable city planning can create a more environmentally friendly and livable city for all.


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