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Seasonal Foods | Winter

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Strawberries - Sustain Seasonal Foods Winter

In your quest to become a more sustainable eater, one of the low-hanging “fruits” is buying seasonal produce. A few minutes -- every few months -- is all it takes to raise awareness on the fruits and vegetables that are ripe for the picking at a particular time of the year.   


Eating seasonal foods has three main benefits:  

  • Better tasting food  
  • More nutritious food  
  • Lower emissions and energy use  


Many of the compounds our taste buds crave diminish over time, as do textures. Nothing worse than soggy broccoli. The nutrients in food are affected by time and how they are stored and transported. Many nutrients are negatively affected by temperature, light, and exposure to water. And finally, getting that strawberry to you in the blazing heat of July likely involves a lot of transportation and cold storage...which eats up fossil fuels and money.   

Oh – and you’ll generally find in-season produce to be cheaper. Sustainability pays!  

Winter | What’s in season?   

Here in Florida, we’re fortunate to have a growing season that flourishes in Winter. From January - March, keep your eyes out for these seasonal fruits and vegetables:   

  • Oranges  
  • Tangerines  
  • Strawberries  
  • Cauliflower  
  • Broccoli  
  • Eggplant  


Oranges | Pro Tip  

Use your hands- not your eyes -- when sifting through the mound of oranges at your local grocery store or farmer's market. A good orange should be firm to the touch. The color of an orange’s rind isn’t an indication of flavor. Oh – and go for the heavier one, which usually means more juice. 


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