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Fostering Sustainability with Kids

Kids exploring the outdoors


Empower the next generation to protect our planet! Climate change, habitat destruction, and pollution are among the many threats to Earth. NASA predicts that without significant action to reduce emissions, our planet’s temperature may rise by 4.5°F to 8°F by 2100. One of the best ways to work together to help climate change is by educating kids about sustainability! 

Start small

The eco-friendly journey takes practice—we all begin somewhere! When teaching kids about protecting our planet, start by reviewing why it’s important. Consider beginning with simple topics such as recycling or conserving water by shutting off the sink between brushing teeth.

Connect with nature

Balance screen time with outdoor activities and adventures. Help kids become familiar with nature native to your area through short hikes, gardening, playing at a park, and birdwatching. For rainy days, continue learning about landscapes worldwide, animal species, and more through PBS’s Nature series. Get creative by incorporating nature into arts and crafts projects, such as painting with nature!

Plastic-free and reusable swaps

Lead by example to help kids become familiar with eco-friendly practices. Encourage using sustainable swaps such as reusable bags, cups, and utensils. Share simple facts about how plastic isn’t kind to our planet’s animals and oceans—and humans, too!


From joining a local park cleanup to planting trees, kids can gain hands-on experience helping and learning about nature. Many animal shelters and rehabilitation centers offer volunteer opportunities for animal lovers and our future veterinarians and scientists.


Sharing the joy and importance of respecting and protecting nature is one of the best gifts we can pass on to the youth. After all, the youth also holds Earth's future in its hands! 

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