WEDU Race In America

WEDU PBS supports and stands with the Black community. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our programming.
We believe in creating a West Central Florida where people are inspired to learn more about each other and do more to solve societal issues.
We will continue to share trusted, local and national news and resources for both our adult and younger audiences, provide historical
information to contextualize the current moment, and amplify community voices.

Sesame Street has taught us all a lot over the years. In these difficult times, we believe there is no better way than to look to Sesame Street again
for a little help in expressing our resolve:

“Racism has no place on our Street – or any street. Sesame Street was built on diversity, inclusion, and, especially kindness.
Today and every day we stand together with our Black colleagues, partners, collaborators and the entire Black community.
We stand with our friends around the globe to speak out against racism, to promote understanding, and to create a world
that is smarter, stronger, and kinder.”



Find extended interviews from the show on our YouTube page.

Below is a selection of local and national content to help expand and continue the conversation around Race in America.



Local segments, exploring issues of race in our community:


Local documentaries, exploring issues of race in our community:

Documentaries and films exploring race on the national level:


Educational resources exploring race, civil rights, implicit bias, racism and more:



Civil Rights: Then and Now                          Confronting Anti-Black Racism                     Race and Justice: Student Reporting Labs


What is Implicit Bias?                                     Meet the Helpers: We Are All Different         PBS Parents: Talking to Children About Racism


NAACP Florida State Conference               Urban League of Hillsborough Co.                Hillsborough Organization for Progress and Equality