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Sustainable Valentine's Day

Pair of hands holding a homemade heart along with other arts and crafts

Sustainable Valentine's Day

Whether your Valentine is a loved one or a furry friend, or it’s a day for self-love, consider celebrating Valentine’s Day more sustainably! It’s a beautiful day full of appreciation, but we can’t forget to show love to our shared home, Earth.

The International Council on Clean Transportation discovered that more than 360,000 metric tons of carbon (CO2) emissions are linked to transporting flowers in the three weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. While flowers may be among the most common gifts, this special day also increases waste from balloons, wrapping paper, cards, and more. Let’s explore the simple ways to celebrate love in an eco-friendly way.

Skip commercial flowers

While convenient, around 80 percent of commercial flowers have to be imported. These flowers may be short-lasting and create environmental impacts, including raising CO2 emissions. Opt instead for locally grown flowers to support florists in your area, or gift a potted plant that lasts a while!

Create homemade cards

Receiving and sharing Valentine’s Day cards is a loved tradition, but we should also extend that love to our planet! Many store-bought cards end up in landfills, so consider creating a thoughtful, personalized card at home or sharing an e-card.

Enjoy Fair Trade chocolate

Two-thirds of cocoa farmers live on less than $2 per day. As we learned when exploring eco-symbols, products with the Fair Trade label show that workers were paid fair wages and given healthcare, housing, and education opportunities.

Ask for a wish list

Along with the cards and flowers, other gifts shared during Valentine’s Day often end up in landfills. Consider asking your Valentine for a wish list! Surprises can be fun, but there’s nothing romantic about adding more waste to our overrun landfills. 

These are some of the many upgrades to enjoy Valentine’s Day in a way that doesn’t forget to celebrate Earth. Show love for the planet, and she’ll show you love right back!

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