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Summer in Florida means heat and rain – perfect conditions for plants to grow.  You may be tempted to egg on the process with some fertilizer.  But hang on!  Those heavy summer rains can transport fertilizer from your lawn to our water ecosystem, resulting in algae blooms and wildlife loss (University of Florida | IFAS). 

The impact of fertilizer in our water ecosystem is so pronounced many counties in Florida have bans on nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers in the summer months.  For West Central Florida, this includes Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, and Manatee (WFLA). However, a recent bill introduced in the State Legislature may block local municipalities from regulating fertilizer (Tampa Bay Times).  Stay tuned.  

If only there were more sustainable ways to fertilize your plants?  

The Sustain team has you covered.  Here are our picks of home-grown additives to boost the performance of your plants:  

  • Composting   
  • Worm Castings  
  • Fish Emulsion  
  • Bone Meal  
  • Manure  
  • Coffee Grounds  
  • Eggshells  
  • Compost Tea  


Compost tea is particularly useful if you cannot access large volumes of compost.  Simply fill a mesh bag with compost, soak it for a few weeks in water, and spray/water your plants.  Our latest Reel on Instagram will take you through the steps.  Pro tip – do not drink the tea!  

Happy fertilizing!  

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