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WEDU appreciates the generous support of our donors to maintain our programming and operations. With these funds, you may align your support of WEDU even more closely with your passions by directly supporting a specific area. Your generosity may be directed to education, technology, or original storytelling. 

We have structured these funds to provide flexibility to our organization and to you, our donors, as a means of supporting our work across areas that align with your interests and passions. WEDU Fund support begins at $10,000. 

For more information on how your support can be directed to a specific area, contact the Development Department at 813.739.2959 or email

Education | PBS Kids

Education is a cornerstone of WEDU. Our education team aims to expand into underserved pockets of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, and Manatee and reach further out to DeSoto, Polk, Citrus, and Highland counties. A contribution to education supports work to create presentations and events that speak to our young learners, middle and high schoolers, their families, and educators. Be a part of the future of our students through generous support for WEDU’s education projects. 

Technology | Camera in action

Technological innovation is part of ensuring WEDU’s future. Advances in technology contribute to the high quality of our broadcasts and productions. Equipment upgrades allow WEDU to serve the farthest corners of our viewing area and protect our signal from eventualities. This fund is also a catalyst for organizational innovation, driving our existing and new programs to meet audiences on the platforms they wish to engage with us. Contributing to this fund could help make you a part of future-proofing WEDU so we can be at the cutting edge and ready for subsequent technological advances. 

Original Programming | Sarasota Experience

WEDU is unique in its ability to create in-depth programs and produce local storytelling. Programs like Rise of the Rays, Can We Talk? A Conversation About Antisemitism, This Light of Mine, and the Greater series are all original, locally produced productions that need time and support from generous donors to come to fruition. A contribution to the original programming fund supports our mission to enable our communities to connect and grow. Your donation can help support the next WEDU original production.