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Giving Level Updates

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WEDU Giving Levels Update

In our commitment to maintaining the highest quality programming and community engagement, we’re updating our membership giving levels for the first time in 20 years. 

These updates are essential to providing the viewing experiences you love and expanding community initiatives. We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of your member benefits, and your support enables us to invest in local programming, production, and outreach. 

The changes seen below will take effect on October 1, 2023:

Basic WEDU Membership with Premiere Magazine

Current: $40 per year

New: $50 per year

WEDU KidsClub Membership

Current: $50 per year

New: $72 per year

WEDU Broadcasters Circle Membership

Current: $1,000 per year

New: $1,200 per year

We truly appreciate your loyalty and partnership in achieving our mission. We’d like to hear your thoughts about these changes as we strive to keep WEDU a thriving and valuable part of our community. 

Please feel free to share your insights with us here.

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