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Protecting Wetlands Wildlife with Rick

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Meet Rick Powell, a volunteer at Tampa Bay Watch. Over the last eight years, Rick has worked hard to protect the wetlands wildlife in our region.

Rick is a believer in the mission behind Tampa Bay Watch. "This group is like an old-time barn raising, where the entire community comes together to build a dike to stop the flood. That's what volunteering here feels like. We are optimists. We know we are making progress here, and it feels good."

On the day of Rick's interview, Tampa Bay Watch and the team were placing bags of shells in the water to slow erosion and rebuild the shoreline. As a volunteer, Rick is a man of many talents. From shoveling and bagging shells, loading them in the boat, and even jumping in the water to help place the bags, Rick is helping in any way he can.

"Seeing what we are doing here makes me feel great. It makes me feel like I am leaving a little legacy for the next generation. When I revisit projects we did in the past, it leaves me in awe because this really works. If we work together, there is no problem we cannot solve." Rick said.

Rick's humility complements his devotion and optimism. He was eager to share his knowledge and passion without overemphasizing his personal contributions. Rick continuously spoke about the entire team's efforts and how they work together to make a difference and spread positivity.

When asked why he loves what he does, he said, "volunteering makes me feel great. Working for money is fine, but when you work for no money and do it only for your love of it, there is nothing better. It's freedom. When people band together for the greater good, it's amazing. We can set our differences aside to impact the world, what a way to live."

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