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We're a very social bunch. Find links here. Happy clicking.

A Note About Our Social Media

We love interacting with our neighbors online! We make a point of responding to comments, but unfortunately some comments aren't always neighborly. In such cases, comments that are mean-spirited, inappropriate or contain misinformation may be removed. If you disagree with something we've posted, or the opinions expressed therein, and your comment is fair, we will publish it. However, if your comment contains inappropriate or hurtful language, links to material or claims we cannot verify, it will be subject to removal. Please remember that we're a media resource for the whole family, including little ones. We're a vital part of the West Central Florida community. We pride ourselves on being fair. We take these commitments seriously. For these reasons, we ask that your comments be reasonable, suitable for all ages, and free of malicious intent. Please note that sharing, following, likes and retweets are not endorsements by our organization. Thanks for being our social media neighbors!