Community Cinema is a ground-breaking public education and civic engagement initiative featuring monthly screenings of films from the Emmy® Award-winning PBS series INDEPENDENT LENS. Every month between September and June, WEDU and Community Cinema bring together community members and organizations to learn, discuss and get involved in today’s critical social issues.

Upcoming Screenings

The Homestretch

The Homestretch follows three homeless teens as they fight to stay in school, graduate, and build a future. Each of these smart, ambitious teenagers – Kasey, Anthony and Roque – will surprise, inspire, and challenge audiences to rethink stereotypes of homelessness as they work to complete their education while facing the trauma of being alone and abandoned at an early age. Through haunting images, intimate scenes, and first-person narratives, these teens take us on their journeys of struggle and triumph. As their stories unfold, the film connects us deeply with larger policy issues of juvenile justice, immigration, foster care, and LGBTQIA rights. Learn More

Thursday, April 9 at 6:30 p.m.
at WEDU PBS Berkman Family Broadcast Center
(Google Maps)

This screening is free and open to the public. Seating is limited and RSVP is requested.

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May, 2015

Limited Partnership

Limited Partnership is the love story between Filipino American Richard Adams and Australian Tony Sullivan, who, in 1975, became one of the first same-sex couples in the world to be legally married. After applying for a green card for Tony based on their marriage, the couple received a denial letter from the Immigration and Naturalization Service stating, “You have failed to establish that a bona fide marital relationship can exist between two f–gots.” Outraged at this letter, and to prevent Tony’s impending deportation, the couple sued the U.S. government, filing the first federal lawsuit seeking equal treatment for a same-sex marriage in U.S. history. Learn More

Past Screenings from This Season

American Denial

February 23, 2015 at the Riverview Branch Library

Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal identified a powerful force in American life: the acceptance of the contradiction between the American Creed held dear and political and social behavior. Through the story of Myrdal’s four-year investigation of Jim Crow racism, his own personal story and the thinking and work of select sociologists, psychologists, and historians, the film explores the contours and consequences today of implicit bias and "denial." Watch Preview | Learn More


A Path Appears

January 22, 2015 at Mildred Sainer Pavilion
January 24, 2015 at Tampa Theatre

A Path Appears investigates young women in America forced into a life of prostitution and the innovative programs that have evolved to empower them to lead more fulfilling lives.These troubling situations are happening not just halfway across the world, but also in our own backyards — in Chicago and Nashville and Boston. Watch Preview | Learn More

Evolution of a Criminal

December 4, 2014 at Jan Kaminis Platt Regional Library

Years ago, 16-year-old honor student Darius Clark Monroe was arrested for robbing a Bank of America. 17 years after serving his sentence, Monroe returns to his childhood home and encounters the people affected by the robbery. In this emotionally compelling documentary, Darius, now 33, turns the camera on a past he deeply regrets and tries to reason with his decision. Watch Preview

MAKERS, Season 2

October 24, 2014 at Seminole Heights Branch Library

Six new documentaries in the MAKERS project feature groundbreaking American women in different spheres of influence. In "Women in Space," trace the history of women pioneers in the U.S. space program. Some passed the same grueling tests as male astronauts, only to be dismissed by NASA, the military and even Lyndon Johnson, as a distraction. Learn More

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