WEDU Be More Awards


Tell Your Story & Inspire Support

The WEDU Be More Awards were created to pay tribute to the many unsung heroes in the community served by WEDU – the area’s primary PBS station and public media company.

Each year, this multifaceted program celebrates the human spirit and showcases the best work by nonprofit organizations in West Central Florida, the individuals that support them – and WEDU.

Now, more than ever, local nonprofit organizations are essential in our community. You are pioneering new ways to serve, educate, and broaden new horizons.

WEDU PBS invites you to tell your story during the 11th Annual WEDU Be More Awards. Inspire support for your organization as we highlight the best works from area nonprofits as part of an award winning, nationally-recognized, and multi-media supported event.


Cast your vote now through December 4, 2015 at noon


"For us, it’s been an immediate impact. When you have something like the Be More Awards, where you all put it out in front of the community and say ‘are you aware?’ For us, it’s an invaluable asset for us to use because the broader public sees that and it’s a terrific amount of awareness."

– Thomas Mantz, Executive Director of Feeding America Tampa Bay,
2014 Nonprofit Organization of the Year

“It’s meant a great deal. It’s rare that this kind of work is really acknowledged in the public so first of all, it’s such an amazing honor. Just to be acknowledged was so incredibly special.”

– Jesse Miller, Director of Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay,
2013 WEDU Be More Brilliant Award Winner