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MATURE SUBJECT MATTER, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: WEDU is honored to present the personal Vietnam War experiences of our local citizens. The stories presented here have not been edited and are presented as originally shared by the author. The content may contain coarse language, images, or remembrances that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Vivian P.’s Story

Shared on September 24, 2017


I and my family all heard gunshooting every year, i tried my best to sleep in my mother arm in her basket to ran away from war, i seen death innocences, weakness veteranm survivior,vietnam soldiers, and criminal bloods on grown, i knew evrything that happened in my country while we just dug canned food,and living hunger,thirst like fasts in old shelter, we never dared to cry, we saw bullet, bombthrow that each one in our families been seen, we saw smoke, ashes,black sky,feild,citywides,we often looked back our destroyed feilds , cities ,we saw genocide sacrifices, martyrdom, broken buildings,bones of human on haven grounds,a darkest moon, a shivering wind, a cold weather, unsatisfied willing from one another to live any longer after we found no respects of vietcong,only my grandfather a soldier escaped my country after supported Vietnam governor ,votersm armies, saved armies, taken care troops,armies,soliders for life in every other boats , battlef eilds, vehile of the veteran,@ all vietnam armies

We cried out my country where are you, no way could this be , why we had gone so far , we falken apart , we lost family,lives, dreams, hope in vietnam, our faith to survive, we thought we would died along with other young innocence death loving vietnamese men,women ,child,other people,tribals,races, natives that we seen the loss one which were placed on ground, persecuted ones, beheaded in execution, burieed one, trapped and collapsed ones, painful tears death ones as we all ran to every diferent spots,area, wide land in our cities to find a recent safe shelter looking for goods,less full but hunger and thirst almost perished to-death, bathing in salt beach water we were also drinking salty clearwater in a sea, there we were no longer support vietcong as we refused they were searching us continually therefore we saw lying down shot down innocent around our side form afar .. nearly 99 million that we heard them their voices were still living or clo sed to dead ,, all the rest in vietnam were lay down, peaceful survived young / elders, it was mostly very much were the the worsful lives of the survivors that still living .. lipfe,s a shorttrip in vietnam helpless country until war ended we were back in our unbroken home,

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