Join WEDU PBS for a sneak preview of the new Masterpiece Series, Victoria on December 8th at 7 p.m. at the historic Polk Theatre in Lakeland. Premiering on WEDU PBS on January 15th, guests of the premiere screening will get an advance look at the first hour of the series!

Photos from the screening event

Held December 8, 2016 at Polk Theatre

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About the Series

Premieres January 2017 on MASTERPIECE

Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) stars as the young Queen Victoria at the outset of her epic reign, which set the stage for an entire era that would be named in her honor. Scripted by bestselling novelist Daisy Goodwin (The Fortune Hunter), Victoria airs in seven magnificent parts, fit for a queen, on MASTERPIECE, January 15, 2017 on WEDU PBS.

Following Victoria from her accession to the throne at age 18, through her education in politics, courtship and marriage, Victoria paints a portrait of a monarch who was raised to be the pawn of her powerful elders but who wasted no time in showing the empire who was in charge.

The stellar cast includes Rufus Sewell (The Man in the High Castle) as Lord Melbourne, the British prime minister who was Victoria’s father figure and intimate friend; Tom Hughes (Dancing on the Edge) as the handsome, brilliant and awkward Prince Albert, who stole Victoria’s heart after a rocky start; and Alex Jennings (Churchill’s Secret) as Leopold I, King of Belgium, Victoria and Albert’s matchmaking uncle who had dreams of a dynasty for his obscure royal line—which he amazingly achieved.