WEDU PBS has significantly expanded programming for our viewers. Starting Monday, October 16, 2017, two new channels are available with 24/7 programming on dedicated topics: PBS KIDS and Create® TV, which features inspiring how-to shows.

WEDU PBS has also added a host of popular shows like DOC MARTIN, FATHER BROWN, and MIDSOMER MURDERS. Essentially all of the PBS programming that was previously seen on WUSF-TV, which ceased its programming on October 15, 2017, can now be found on WEDU PBS’s channels.

WEDU PBS is excited to be able to better serve the community with even more programming that will educate, inform and enrich our viewers’ lives. With these changes, you’ll see the same quality programming viewers have come to know from WEDU PBS over the past 60 years, along with even more educational and entertaining programs for every age.

Please read below for answers to some of the frequently asked questions about these changes.

If you have additional questions, please contact WEDU PBS at (813)254-9338, toll-free at (800)354-9338, or via our online contact form. Visit our contact page for additional information.


Frequently asked questions:

Why has WEDU PBS added programming and new channels?

WEDU PBS has added new programming and channels to best serve our community as the sole PBS provider for West Central Florida. Viewers can still watch the same great programming they’ve come to know from WEDU PBS, with even more educational and entertaining programs for all ages.

With the addition of these new channels, WEDU became one of the first PBS stations in the country to have six channels of programming in its coverage area.

What does it mean for me as a viewer that these changes are occurring?

While you may notice that some program times have changed, you’ll still find your favorite WEDU PBS programs, and you may discover a few new favorite shows through our expanded programming.

You can also watch two new channels with 24/7 programming on dedicated topics: PBS KIDS and Create® TV, which offers inspiring how-to shows. You can find your favorite shows on our schedule here.

How do I access the new channels?

If you use digital/over-the-air, PBS KIDS is available on channel 3.5, and Create® TV is available on channel 3.6. Viewers who use a digital antenna may need to rescan for channels so they can access our new channels, PBS KIDS and Create® TV, on October 16. Some models rescan automatically, while some require you to start the process. More information is available at

The new channels are also available on Frontier channels 472 and 473. WEDU PBS is working with other cable providers to add the new channels.

WEDU’s four existing channels – WEDU/PBS HD, WORLD, the Florida Channel, and WEDU PLUS – will air as they typically have on both cable and digital channels. Schedules for all six channels can be found online at

Do I have to do anything different to watch WEDU PBS via free digital/over-the-air television?

In most cases, no. You won’t need to purchase a new receiver as you did during the analog-to-digital television transition that ended in 2009. If you receive your programming over-the-air, you may need to rescan for available TV stations that have moved to a new frequency. More information is available at

What is the new PBS KIDS channel? What resources are available for parents and teachers?

PBS KIDS is WEDU’s new kids’ programming channel. It’s available on digital channel 3.5, and on Frontier channel 473. It’s available 24/7 on our channel, and you can also stream episodes online at

PBS KIDS provides award winning educational and entertaining programming for kids ages 2-8, where your children can watch their favorite shows like "Sesame Street," "Arthur," and "Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood."

Along with the new channel, WEDU PBS will have new resources available for parents and teachers. You can access resources online through WEDU EdConnect. For more information about the resources available for educators, contact Gail Taylor, Director of Educational Services, at

What is the new Create® TV channel?

The Create® TV channel offers 24/7 inspiring "do-it-yourself" programming, covering such topics as cooking, traveling, home improvement, gardening, arts and crafts, and other lifestyle interests. Browse this month’s issue of Premiere Magazine for more details on Create® TV and other new additions.

Some of the shows on Create® TV include "Cook’s Country," "Garden Smart," "Wyland’s Art Studio," and "This Old House." Create® TV is available on digital channel 3.6, and on Frontier channel 472. (WEDU is working with other local cable companies to carry the new channels.)

What shows from WUSF-TV did you add to WEDU?

Some of the new-to-WEDU PBS shows include "Doc Martin," "Father Brown," "Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages," "Midsomer Murders," "The Coroner," and "A Place to Call Home." You can find WEDU PBS’s complete schedule online.

WEDU PBS surveyed viewers and members about their favorite shows to help ensure that the new schedules and programming for all six of WEDU PBS’s channels best meet viewers’ needs, and our programming teams considered how new shows would best complement WEDU PBS’s current slate of programming. Essentially all of the PBS programming that was previously seen on WUSF-TV can now be found on WEDU’s channels.

Can I watch WEDU PBS shows online?

Many episodes of your favorite PBS programming are available to watch online at PBS KIDS is available online at You can also watch PBS shows and specials through the free PBS app.

WEDU PBS members have access to even more programs though the WEDU Passport streaming service.

What happened to WUSF-TV?

WUSF-TV ceased its programming on October 15, 2017. The University of South Florida successfully participated in the FCC Spectrum Auction, which began March 29, 2016.

Did WEDU PBS participate in the FCC Spectrum Auction?

No, WEDU PBS did not participate in the FCC Spectrum Auction. WEDU PBS exists to serve the public good and to help create an informed citizenry through quality programming and community outreach. WEDU PBS works to educate, inform and enrich the lives of those in our community, which is why WEDU PBS and our board of directors decided that participating in the FCC Spectrum Audience was not in the best interest of serving our mission.

Does this affect WUSF radio?

No. The FCC Spectrum Auction has no impact on WUSF or WSMR radio. If you have specific questions about WUSF radio, please contact WUSF Public Media at (813)974-8700.

I was a member of WUSF-TV. Will my membership transfer to WEDU PBS?

For questions regarding your current WUSF-TV membership, viewers should contact WUSF-TV directly.

WEDU PBS is welcoming current WUSF-TV members with a complimentary 3-month membership to WEDU PBS. For more information, contact Donor Services at (800)354-9338, option 2.

WEDU PBS members enjoy a wide variety of benefits, from access to even more programs though the WEDU Passport streaming service, to our monthly donors-only Premiere magazine with behind-the-scenes content, information on new and notable programs, exclusive special event opportunities, program schedules and more. You can learn more about WEDU PBS membership online here.

How can my company become a sponsor of WEDU PBS?

If you’d like to sponsor programming or community outreach with WEDU PBS, please contact Larry Jopek, WEDU PBS’s Vice President of Marketing and Community Partnerships, to talk about ways to reach our audience across West Central Florida. Contact Larry by calling the Marketing Department at (800)354-9338, option 6.

What are some of the ways I can support WEDU PBS?

As a community-owned and supported public television station, WEDU PBS relies on your support to keep the programming you know and love on the air.

There are many ways to give your financial support, from memberships and vehicle donations to designating a planned gift. More information is available here or by calling (800)354-9338.

What is WEDQ?

When WUSF TV ended its broadcast service on October 15, 2017, the call letters were changed to WEDQ. A limited program schedule is in place until this transition is complete. Please visit to discover where WEDU PBS, WORLD, The Florida Channel, WEDU+, PBS KIDS and Create are located on your channel lineup.

How can I request that Create and PBS KIDS be added to my cable channels?

Not all cable providers have added WEDU’s Create and PBS KIDS channels to their channel lineups. Xfinity customers can request these channels here. Meanwhile, Spectrum customers can submit requests here.


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