Reliable Information

Why are immunizations important and are they safe? There has been a lot of conflicting information about vaccinations swirling online and in the media.

This series answers frequently asked questions about immunizations as told by:

  • Highly regarded state and national medical experts who discuss the science of vaccines in easily understood language
  • Real families who live with the consequences of vaccine-preventable diseases
  • Immunization experts

The Florida Bureau of Immunization (BOI) exists to:

  • Promote, protect, and improve the health of all people in Florida

BOI works daily to provide the public with:

  • Access to safe, effective immunizations
  • Timely, accurate vaccination information
  • Secure, online database of shot records through Florida SHOTS

Immunization Videos

A History of Protection: Vaccines and the Battle Against Disease

This module focuses on the history of vaccinations and how immunizations have changed the way we live. Immunizations have eliminated some diseases and increased our lifespans by about 30 years. The module includes information about the development and introduction of the polio vaccine in the US and includes an interview with polio survivor Jan Nichols whose brother died of the disease. Watch

Adolescent Immunization Challenges

This module addresses the vaccine decisions adolescents are facing today, mainly HPV and meningitis outbreaks, and immunization against those diseases. We also highlight the accessibility to those vaccines through VFC and overcoming parental objections. The modules include an interview with meningitis survivor Abby Wold. Watch

Early Childhood Immunizations

This module spotlights the vaccines given during the first few years of life. We address autism fears versus the scientific evidence as well as the accessibility to those vaccines through VFC. The module includes an interview with Lori Hopps whose daughter is permanently disabled due to pneumococcal disease. Watch

We’re In It Together: Herd Immunity and Our Mobile Society

This module examines the effect of immunizations on a global and mobile society and the lack of education among younger generations about the widespread damage of vaccine-preventable diseases. It features stories of widespread outbreak and containment and pulls in state-specific epidemiology data. The module includes an interview with Rodney Throgmorton whose infant daughter died from pertussis. Watch

Complete the Coverage: Florida SHOTS and the Vaccines for Children Program

This module educates the audience about the ways that Florida SHOTS safeguards shot records and can be used as a tool by medical professionals to promote healthy immunization levels. It also addresses the availability and importance of the Vaccines for Children program as a tool to ensure all children are appropriately immunized. Watch

Vaccine Safety: The Truth Behind the Fiction

Recently, the safety of vaccines has been in the spotlight. This module examines the safety of vaccines and the low occurrence of most adverse events, in comparison to the risks and fears. It also covers surveillance programs in place to monitor vaccine safety. Watch