Living Green At Home

Entire communities have grown accustomed to sorting and recycling glass, plastic, paper, etc., but is recycling really enough? Not according to many experts in the field.

While any lifestyle change made in the name of the environment is a good thing, the focus now needs to be on our personal living spaces. What’s a personal living space? Anywhere you are at any given time. That’s your space. The hardest part is in knowing where to start and not feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of “going green.”

Green Tips!

Tips to decorate your home “green” (.PDF)

There are various green solutions when decorating your home. Greening the interior of the home offers many benefits including a healthier environment, reduction of waste and reductions of pollution. By eliminating the chemicals in many home decorating products you create a healthy living space.

Tips to save energy and water (.PDF)

Home energy and water efficiency is greatly improved when going green. There are many solutions to conserve water and energy. By becoming water and energy efficient you not only help the environment but also gain considerable cost savings.

Tips to green your landscaping (.PDF)

Landscaping is an excellent start in the greening of your home. There are various benefits to “greening” your landscape. These benefits include the reduction of air pollution, consumption of natural resources, solid and waste and flooding.