WEDU Goes Green!

Welcome to our latest effort in bringing you news and views on a topic that should be on the top of everyone’s’ priority list. No, we can’t change the world today, but by making the effort to “go green” in our daily lives we will be able to conserve and preserve our precious natural resources.

Reconciling good intentions with action isn’t always easy, yet people all over the world are managing the task just fine. At one time, ‘going green’ was something radical—a movement reserved for the anti-establishment population.

Today, it’s the exact opposite. In a world of constant “breaking news” and larger-than-life drama, it might seem pointless to focus on the nitty-gritty solutions of everyday life. Yet, that’s exactly what has to happen in order to affect real change.

As we expand this site, we welcome your input and suggestions. Please click here to send us your tips and ideas as WEDU Goes Green!

Going Green At The Station

As we celebrate 50 years in public broadcasting, WEDU is looking towards the future, striving to make our station more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Commercial buildings normally use water-cooled AC systems, due to the size of the building and the round-the-clock cooling requirements of internal equipment and employees. In 2005, WEDU installed a condensate recovery system on our air handling units, reclaiming approximately one million gallons of water a year. The reclaimed water is then fed back into our AC system, effectively reducing the amount of water we take from the city of Tampa’s reservoirs. This equates to reclaiming enough water to maintain approximately 30 homes in Tampa for one year (average 89 gallons per household per day for one year).

We are proud of our efforts to reduce-reuse-recycle and look forward to sharing more ideas with you in the future.

Special Thanks to St. Petersburg College!