WEDU produces a number of special programs that highlight issues of importance to Florida residents. Educational resources, community projects, and special event coverage are just some of the ways WEDU reaches out to the community.


Can We Talk? A Community Conversation About Race

The death of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer launched a national dialogue about race in America. Join WEDU PBS for an honest conversation about race in our region. Hosted by Dalia Colon, Rob Lorei and Ernest Hooper, this one-hour special explores topics from the Black Lives Matter movement to public health, white ally ship to social reform. More


Academy Prep Media Club News Report

Academy Prep Center for Education has introduced a new activity for its enrichment program, the Academy Prep Media Club. In partnership with WEDU PBS and staff and students from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, the Academy Prep Media Club teaches AP students about video production and the principles of journalism. More


American Graduate Day

WEDU is working alongside five other Florida stations to help communities address the high school dropout crisis. American Graduate Day is a multi-platform event featuring a live television broadcast and participation from over 20 national partner organizations to spotlight solutions to the nation’s dropout crisis. More


Blueprint Tampa Bay Transportation: Livability and Sustainability

In the Tampa Bay Area, there are discussions surrounding mass transit as we all experience congestion and traffic chaos on a daily basis. But what is the road to the future? High speed rail, light rail, better bus systems, wider highways? WEDU takes an in-depth look at the issues and choices facing Tampa Bay as we pave the road to our transportation future with two programs. More


Facing The Mortgage Crisis

There is hope, there is help. As we all face the financial crisis WEDU brings you information from experts, trusted resources, and the Tampa Bay Area. More


Florida: Choosing the Future

FLORIDA: CHOOSING THE FUTURE challenges viewers to grapple with tough decisions in government policy, business development, education and citizen involvement – decisions that offer no simple “right answer” – but that must be decided now if Florida is to thrive in the 21st century. The moderator, distinguished legal scholar Professor Arthur R. Miller, guides a lively discussion with a panel of state leaders in business, education, politics and media through a scenario that, as it unfolds, reveals the dilemmas, the choices and the decision-making processes confronting all Floridians as we try to shape the state’s future.


Florida’s Kids and Alcohol

Since 2005, FLORIDA’S KIDS & ALCOHOL has addressed the issue of underage drinking in the state of Florida. The town hall series provides an in-depth discussion with parents, teachers, officials, and youth on the harmful effects. Designed to increase community awareness, the yearly discussion includes ideas for preventing youth from using alcohol. More


Immunization: A Dose of Reality

WEDU’s Immunization series answers frequently asked questions, including Why are immunizations important and are they safe?” and addresses conflicting information about vaccinations online and in the media. More


Kids in the Arts

KIDS IN THE ARTS provides an insider’s look at the Florida Studio Theater’s 2008 Young Playwrights Festival, and the moving performances and inspiring stories of the young playwrights themselves who tell us firsthand the changes they have experienced through their participation and witnessing their written word come to life. More


The Luminaries

The Junior League of Tampa in partnership with WEDU PBS presents The Luminaries – an annual award luncheon to recognize outstanding women and men who have, through their inspiring leadership, made a lasting impact on the Tampa community. More


Memories of The March

Memories of the March is an online collection of local stories and memories about The March. Experience history from those who lived it. WEDU and public broadcasters nationwide have created an online collection of eyewitness accounts of the March on Washington. More


Respite Care: A Caregiving Town Hall Meeting

During RESPITE CARE: A CAREGIVING TOWN HALL MEETING, hosted by Cathy Unruh, approximately 100 community members, professionals and caregivers joined in a live-to-tape discussion to examine respite care needs and issues. WEDU delivers answers, solutions, “best-practices” and resources about respite care in our local community. More


Uninsured: Help and Hope

Health insurance is a proposition of risk. Some choose to be insured because they want to avoid the potential financial catastrophe that comes with a serious health event. For others, however, there really is no choice at all. They simply can’t afford private health insurance. That group, often referred to as the “working poor,” is the focus of THE UNINSURED: HELP AND HOPE. The one-hour program looks at the struggles of everyday residents on the west coast of Florida caught in the middle of America’s health insurance crisis.


University of Tampa: Let Heaven and Nature Sing

A Tampa Bay holiday tradition featuring the University of Tampa College of Arts and Letters music students and faculty performing a variety of holiday classics.


WEDU Be More Awards

The Be More Awards were created to pay tribute to the many unsung heroes in the community served by WEDU – the area’s leading PBS station and public media company. Each year, this multifaceted program celebrates the human spirit and showcases the best work by nonprofit organizations, the individuals that support them – and WEDU. More