Host Geoff Simon meets our area’s best businessmen and women and interviews them about the triumphs and inspirations that shaped them into the successes they are today.


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May 2020: Healthcare Retrospective

The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 was a powerful wake-up call about the importance of a robust healthcare system. We’d like to share with you this special retrospective with 4 individuals who helped shape this region’s healthcare landscape.

April 2020: Women in Business

Meet five Tampa Bay women entrepreneurs who built remarkable businesses, created thousands of jobs and left their mark in the business world.

March 2020: Tom Touchton

Meet Tom Touchton and learn what role he played in founding the Tampa Bay History Center.

February 2020: Ralph Allen

While the investment landscape has changed so much, one Lakeland Florida investment firm has grown and prospered for nearly 90 years. It’s Allen and Company. Leading that team for more than 60 years is Ralph Allen. Witness the highs and lows of investing and how the oldest investment firm in Florida weathered the storms and rode the wave of successful investing.

January 2020: Tom Wallace

Tom Wallace, Managing Partner of Florida Funders, is a driving force in Tampa Bay entrepreneurial growth. Wallace launched his first tech startup at age 23, and years later is now helping drive a business that is part venture capital, part crowd-funding.

December 2019: Dr. Tonjua Williams

She is an energetic, experienced, and accomplished professional with a proven track record of insightful leadership. St. Petersburg College President Dr. Tonjua Williams is known for her team building, fiscal accountability, and inclusiveness. She is also collaborating on a number of new initiatives, including a partnership with the University of South Florida.

November 2019: David Straz, Jr.

WEDU would like to pay tribute to the philanthropist David Straz, Jr., who passed away November 18, 2019 at age 77, with an encore broadcast of his March 2018 interview. Who hasn’t dreamed of having their name in lights? Well, for one successful Tampa Bay businessman who built a very successful banking business keeping a low profile was how he liked it.

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