Host Geoff Simon meets our area’s best businessmen and women and interviews them about the triumphs and inspirations that shaped them into the successes they are today.


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September 2020: 20th Century Tampa Bay Icons

One family owned cigar company has made it through turbulent times to emerge as a smoking success. A food cart vendor from Manhattan passes on a company that becomes a multi-million-dollar agri-business. And an iconic restaurant survives the great depression and corporate competition to remain as one of the best restaurants in Tampa.

July 2020: 20th Century Tampa Bay Icons

2 Iconic leaders leave their mark on 20th Century Tampa. Sam Gibbons and John Germany join forces to change the educational, judicial and economic landscape of the Tampa Bay area.

June 2020: Oscar Horton

Revisit this episode from 2016 with the CEO of Sun State International Trucks, an entrepreneur who’s not afraid to think “outside-the-box” and who’s leadership has super-charged an old-line business.

May 2020: Healthcare Retrospective

The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 was a powerful wake-up call about the importance of a robust healthcare system. We’d like to share with you this special retrospective with 4 individuals who helped shape this region’s healthcare landscape.

April 2020: Women in Business

Meet five Tampa Bay women entrepreneurs who built remarkable businesses, created thousands of jobs and left their mark in the business world.

March 2020: Tom Touchton

Meet Tom Touchton and learn what role he played in founding the Tampa Bay History Center.

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