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HISTORIC GREEN VILLAGE: Generating the Future, Treasuring the Past is a 30-minute documentary that explores how the Historic Green Village on Anna Maria Island, Florida has become a showcase for sustainable living, electrical generation and water conservation by recycling and renovating historic buildings in the area.

Mike and Lizzie Thrasher ran a highly successful baby food company in their native country of Britain. They vacationed on the idyllic barrier island of Anna Maria in South West Florida. They fell in love with the area, sold their business and used the proceeds to develop a real estate business in Anna Maria. Their showcase location is the Historic Green Village in the heart of the community. The village consists of two original remodeled buildings, one new building and two homes that were moved to the site from different parts of the island.

The Thrashers had two major goals for the project: to become LEED Certified Platinum and to have a Net Zero Campus. What does all this mean? The buildings would use as little electricity as possible, generate their own electricity, adhere to strict environmental usage of water, and be part of a community that has a limited impact on the environment. They had many challenges along the way including having a bakery and a café on site which are both heavy power consumers.


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