WEDU PBS Pokes Fun at Reality Television and Urges Viewer Support for Quality Programming

TAMPA, FL (July 24, 2013) — WEDU PBS, West Central Florida’s primary public broadcasting station has launched new preview spots and poster campaign that calls out reality television. CHI & Partners, a New York marketing and advertising agency, created a series of fake reality television previews and posters for public television pro bono–comparing absurd reality TV with the quality of public television programming.

At the end of these preview spots a plain and simple message is revealed, “The fact that you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV.” The previews are intended to make people realize that although they might occasionally indulge in dumbed-down programming, it’s also important to support WEDU PBS — a station that does not have a giant marketing force behind it, and relies on its members to keep running.

“There used to be stations and networks that provided educational and thought-provoking programs. Unfortunately, public television is one of the last places to find this kind of programming, and the public needs to support public television  if they still want it as an option,” says Jeff Anderson, Executive Creative Director at CHI & Partners NY.

“We certainly are not asking viewers to give up reality television’s guilty pleasures, but when they are searching for quality educational, arts and culture, or public affairs programming, we want them to know that WEDU PBS is the place to go,” says Susan Howarth, WEDU President and CEO. “We also want people to stop and think about the value that WEDU PBS delivers to 16 counties throughout West Central Florida – for free.”

The preview spots will be on air through October 12, 2013. Viewers can also leave comments and chat about the campaign on Twitter, using the hashtag #TVGoneWrong. The previews and posters can be viewed at


WEDU is West Central Florida’s leading PBS station and public media company reaching 16 counties through media platforms including on-air programming and online experiences that broaden horizons, transport and transform and open gateways to new ideas and new worlds. Financially supported by the community, the organization offers a wealth of award-winning inspirational, educational and enlightening content over a variety of media platforms including: television programming, station’s website, and various social media platforms, monthly member magazine Premiere, educational outreach activities and a myriad of special events.  WEDU’s focus on the local community has resulted in the station being regarded as a beacon of trust for men, women and children of every walk of life no matter their age, ethnicity or socio-economic status. WEDU is a treasured community resource; a window to the world for the homebound and a vital educational source for the youngest members of society.  WEDU prides itself on its position in the Tampa Bay community as a leader, partner, informed citizen and a member of PBS, the most trusted institution in America (Harris Interactive Trust QuickQuery, January 2013). For more information, program schedules or to support WEDU visit; WEDU Public Media on Facebook and Twitter or call 813.254.9338.

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