With so many of us at home, we’ve felt the need to share in new ways.

Let’s be neighbors.

If you feel like sharing, send us your videos and pictures.

With your permission, we’ll put some of what you send us on TV.


Follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1) Record something.

Take a photo or video. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. We like you just the way you are.

Step 2) Send it to us.

If the file is small enough, you can email it to neighbors@wedu.org. If it’s a larger file, consider these options:

  • Use a file transfer service such as WeTransfer.com or Smash. You can upload the file, use our email address as the recipient (neighbors@wedu.org) and fill in your own email address as the sender, click “Transfer” and you’re done.
  • DropBox is also a great service, just make sure you “Create A Sharable Link” so we can download it.
  • Email us and ask for help. After all, what are neighbors for if not to lend a hand?

Step 3) Consent.

We will contact you for your permission, but you can save us a step by identifying yourself in the initial email and stating that it’s okay with you for us to use the photo or video.

We’ll credit you in your photo or video. Look out for your submitted material on WEDU and WEDQ.

Questions, trouble sending your material? Email neighbors@wedu.org

Photos and videos subject to editorial review. Not all submitted material will be broadcast.