April, 2011: WEDU celebrated the Freedom Riders’ 50th anniversary

Freedom Riders featured on UP CLOSE WITH CATHY UNRUH

Host Cathy Unruh interviews one of the original Freedom Riders and Dr. Ray Arsenault,  author of “Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice.” Watch

Freedom Riders Tampa Premiere

On the evening of April 13, 2011, WEDU hosted a premiere of the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE film Freedom Riders. A sold-out house embraced the story of the heroic Freedom Riders as the film was screened at one of Tampa’s most treasured historical landmarks for arts and culture – The Tampa Theatre. The Mount Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist Church Choir, the Freedom Riders in attendance, and the historical significance of this film being shown in a theatre that banned African Americans just a few decades ago made the event that much more poignant. Watch a few clips from the Freedom Riders premiere in Tampa, Florida at the historic Tampa Theatre. Watch

Freedom Riders Tampa: Q&A

At the Tampa premiere, former freedom riders and author Dr. Ray Arsenault sit down for a question and answer session with the audience. Watch

Photos from the Freedom Riders premiere

4/13/11 at Tampa Theatre

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