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Dr. Matthew D.’s Story

Shared on June 30, 2017


I served honorably in the US Marine Corps Reserve from 1959-1965 though I never went to Viet Nam. My buddy Louis D. Dobbin II died in Viet Nam, and I wrote the poem below after seeing his name on the Visiting Viet Nam Wall at St. Louis University. 1st Lt. Louis D. Dobbin II of Brighton, MA and NY was a member of H&S, CO, 1st BN. 3rd Marines, 3rd MARDIV. He died serving his country on 18 May 1967. He graduated from Boston College and is listed on the Boston College Memorial for Veterans. He is buried in Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, N.Y.

Bullets from The Heart
For Lieutenant D. Dobbin, USMC

The dead we always have with us
like bullets of Viet Nam
buried in the dust,
empty of gunpowder–
a ray of sunlight
shines in the thickness
of the Heat.

They shine in that sunlight
bringing us memories.

Matthew Diomede, Ph.D.
University of Tampa, English Dept.

Diomede served six years in the Marine Corps Reserve but never went to Viet Nam.His prose, poetry, and translations have been published in a number of magazines, including The Centennial Review, Nimrod, and Kansas Quarterly.

Poem published in Viet Nam Generation, The Big Book, Nobody Gets off the Bus(ed. Kali Tal)and listed on-line in the Institute of Advanced Technology in the Humanities at Univ. Virginia at Charlottesville, VA.

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