Peggie’s Story

Peggie Sherry

Peggie Sherry

Faces of Courage Cancer Camps

When you hear the dreadful words ‘You have Cancer’ you will go numb I call is Zombie Time. Sheer terror will take you there. There are a million questions that will go through your mind.

Am I going to die?

How am I going to tell my husband…parents…siblings…children…coworkers…friends?

Am I going to lose my breast/breasts…hair? Will I be able to work? How did this happen?

How sick am I going to get?

Will my insurance cover it?

What do all these words mean: clear margins, port, pic line, stages, E+, triple negative, MRI, Pet Scans, counts…….?

When am I a survivor?

Am I alone?

The first thing I would recommend is to realize that you can beat Cancer. Today most of us do. Some of us beat it more than once. And it is all about attitude. Over the years I have seen people diagnosed with stage 1 die while others with stage 4 (who are given a month to live) go on to live for years. Why? They decide that Cancer does not have them, they have it and they are determined to beat it at any cost. You have no idea how big the cancer world is until you enter it.

The first thing you need to do is to put together your army. You are going into battle and you need good people on your team. Make sure that when you choose a Surgeon, Radiologist, Hospital, Oncologist etc. that you choose the best for you. Do they explain things in a way that you understand them, do they treat you like an individual not ‘the Breast Cancer in room 3’. Do you feel in your mind and your gut that they will be fighting on your side and will go to the wall for you? If not ‘fire them’ and look for someone that you can trust with your life. Only when you know that you have put together the best team you will you have the confidence to fight the battle of your life.