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Anne R.’s Story

Shared on July 3, 2017


Nurse Corps, USN (ret.)

I was one of the approximately 10,000 women who served in-country in Vietnam during the war. I was stationed at the Station Hospital, Naval Support Activity, Danang RVN from January to May 1970. The NSA station hospital was at one point an 800 bed combat casualty hospital. I highlight this because so few people know that the Navy had medical facilities on the ground in Vietnam. Most think that there were only the hospital ships. My clinical areas were acute surgery and later surgical ICU, what would now be called a trauma unit. The unit also included the post op recovery room. A typical trauma patient was often a triple amputee with one eye damaged beyond repair. Altho we were a trauma unit, we did take care of host nationals with various injuries and illnesses. I saw my first case of tetanus there as well as malaria

Of note, my future husband was briefly one of my patients in Danang. He was career USMC and was on his 4th tour in RVN when he was wounded. The story of his recovery and how we eventually got married is too long and complicated to tell.

I remained in the Navy as a career and 20 years after Vietnam was deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1st Gulf War). Although I don’t know this for sure, I may be one of the few women who served in both combat theaters. I was the Director of Nursing at Fleet Hospital Five

I retired from the Navy in 1994 at the rank of Captain (O-6)

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