WEDQ is a television broadcast channel licensed to WEDU PBS and is one of six television broadcast channels offered by WEDU.

Previously known as WEDU PLUS, the channel call letters were changed to WEDQ after The University of South Florida donated their broadcast license to WEDU following an FCC spectrum auction and WUSF-TV ceased broadcasting in October 2017.

WEDQ schedule now includes programs previously found on WEDU PLUS and viewer favorites added from WUSF-TV’s schedule such as Doc Martin, Death in Paradise, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and more.

WEDQ joins WEDU’s other broadcast channels (Create TV, The Florida Channel, PBS Kids, World) in providing a robust collection of quality programming throughout 16 counties in West Central Florida.

WEDQ shares WEDU’s mission to serve the public good and to aid in the creation of an informed citizenry. Through quality programming using new technologies and community outreach, WEDU fulfills the needs of individuals for education, information, and culture enabling people and communities to connect, to grow, and to lead more fulfilling lives. WEDU PBS educates, informs and enriches lives.