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If This Congresswoman Can't Park, Can She Lead?

Is skill at parking a prerequisite for holding public office? A video featuring D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton raises the question. Is it fair?

6 Things Your Tax Preparer Doesn't Want You to Know

Not all tax preparers are equal. It pays to know what they know and don't know before you hire them.

The Myth of the Senior Discount

When it comes to senior discounts, all this writer got were free donuts. Where have all the age-related bargains gone?

6 Ways to Avoid Adding Years to Your Body

Avoid adding years to your body by following these six smart guidelines to feeling better longer.

Tethered to Tech and Resenting It

Here's how this woman, who's beginning to resent the electronic tether, is making a commitment to take back her treasured time by unplugging from her online life — at least for a bit.

This New Program Trains Dementia Care Coaches

Dementia care coaches are helping relieve the strain on the heath care system by providing support to those with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

The 7 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Protect your pearly whites by avoiding these cavity- and stain-promoting foods and drinks.

New Drug Shows Promise Slowing Alzheimer’s

In a PBS NewsHour interview, a neurologist describes what could be a big step forward in the battle against Alzheimer's disease.

A Brilliant Solution to Attack Elder Financial Abuse

The Elder Financial Safety Center in Dallas, Texas, is getting results by forming a partnership of key local players who want to prevent and prosecute elder financial abuse and protect victims.

6 Extraordinary Picture Books

Read these six extraordinary picture books about kids and their grandparents with your own grandchildren.

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