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Taking on 'The Biggest Loser' Doctor’s Criticism

A man who opted for weight-loss surgery in midlife finds 'The Biggest Loser' doctor's criticism of weight-loss surgery to be distasteful. Here's his argument.

The 4 Biggest Retirement Blunders and How to Avoid Them

The editor of explains why a stock market crash isn't the top threat to your retirement plans.

8 Ways to Speak Wine More Fluently

Here's how to take tips from Millennials and connoisseurs on how to speak the language of wine.

February's Short, So Appreciate Each Moment

For this writer, the short month of February is a reminder that each day is a gift, and she strives to make each moment count.

Smart Investing Strategies for 2015

Here's advice to boost your gains and lower your risk this year from the Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015.

4 Ways to Avoid Pinching Pennies in Retirement

Noted personal finance journalist Jonathan Clements explains how to boost retirement income once you've saved all you can.

10 Tricks to Help Lose 10 Pounds Fast

These weight loss tricks are easy, really work and go beyond exercise and cutting carbs.

The United States of Financial Insecurity

Two new reports, from Pew Charitable Trusts and the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), show what lies beneath the surface of the growing U.S. economy and it isn't pretty.

Living Life to the Fullest With Alzheimer's

One man's early-onset Alzheimer's diagnosis made him decide to live each day fully, and he checked skydiving off his bucket list. 

Boomers Just Want to Have Fun

You're never too old to have fun, right? Studies report that play remains important across the lifespan.

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