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PBS Show Examines the Power of Purpose

What is your purpose in life? If you are like most people, author and life coach Richard Leider argues, you have probably found that your purpose has changed as you’ve transitioned from one stage of life to another. It’s not as if we go to college, choose a major and voila! Off we go to make…

6 Steps to Keeping the Peace This Holiday Season

Follow these tips to keep family resentment and friction at bay during holiday gatherings

Thanksgiving Recipes Filled With Holiday Spirits

Turn to your liquor cabinet to enhance your favorite recipies

The 5 Best Thanksgiving Movies

My favorite Hollywood recipes for holiday hijinks and family drama. No turkeys allowed.

Turkey With a Twist: Rethinking Thanksgiving

How have your Thanksgiving gatherings changed over the years?  See how Next Avenue readers say they have adapted to changing families and needs.

When the Old Care for Their Children

For the last 18 years, 93-year-old Joe Siracusa has continued to perform two roles he loves: the first as a dance instructor and harmonica player at his local Southern California senior center, and the second as a primary caregiver to his 63-year-old son. A member of “The Greatest Generation,” Siracusa joined the U.S. Army during…

Can Scientists Slow Down Aging?

In just over a month, the first of the boomers will turn 70. As if that milestone weren’t jarring enough, think about this: By 2050, the boomers will be largely responsible for nearly doubling America’s population over 65. And as they age, many of the boomers — like those who came before them — will come…

Will You Really Be Able to Work Into Your 70s?

Seven years ago, when nearing 70, Dr. Samuel Lupin planned to retire from being a solo physician making house calls to elderly patients. Then his grandson Daniel Stokar, a recent Yeshiva University business school grad, approached him with an intriguing proposition: Let’s tether modern telecommunications to your geriatric care practice. Lupin agreed to delay his…

My Wish: A World With Knowledge Brokers

Editor’s note: This article is part of Next Avenue’s 2015 Influencers in Aging project honoring 50 people changing how we age and think about aging. Here, Tobey Dichter, one of the Influencers, blogs about the future she’d like to see for aging in America. Fantasy…or future? If I could change the world, it would look like this…

9 Steps to Take Now to Cut Your 2015 Taxes

(This article appeared previously on MarketWatch.) The month of November brings us Veterans Day and Thanksgiving — good times to appreciate the good things, people, and experiences in our lives. November is also open enrollment month for all employers that offer employee benefits. This offers employees a tax benefit, but they often overlook it. Here…

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