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Tales of Going 'From Working to Wisdom'

In this excerpt from the book 'From Working to Wisdom,' two people talk candidly about moving forward after their spouse's death and the effect that event had on their retirement plans.

How to Break a Credit Card Addiction

Following the 'Life & Debt' 6-step program of attorney and debt therapist Leslie Tayne to reduce your credit card debt and you will help secure your financial future.

3 Boomers Leading the Way to Save the Environment

The heads of the EPA, the Nature Conservancy and Greenpeace USA are all boomers and their earlier days helped shape their passion. Here's who they are and what boomers can do to do their part to protect the environment.

The Case for Eating with Strangers When Traveling

A growing number of websites are connecting strangers over dinner, a great trend for travelers to have authentic experiences and connect with locals.

Creating Your Own Retirement Community

Friends of all ages are moving into the same condo or apartment building, allowing people to create their own retirement community.

3 Cheers for This New Approach to Long-Term Care

The author finds hope in a new way of seeing long-term care, including a template for organizations to follow that permits framing the care in terms of what clients need and deserve.

Easy Ways to Look Better in a Job Interview

These practical grooming, wardrobe, and eyeglasses tweaks can help older female and male job applicants look impressive to interviewers.

What Women Must Do to Ditch Bag Lady Syndrome

Lance Drucker, a financial adviser and author of 'How to Avoid Bag Lady Syndrome' has tips for women and for men.

The Most Awesome Playlist About Aging

The co-founder of Next Avenue is on a mission to create "The Most Awesome Playlist Written and Performed by Smart People About Growing Old."

Don't Miss These Tax Breaks on Your 2014 Return

These often overlooked tax deductions and credits can save you a bundle when you file your 2014 return.

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