Cathy Unruh

Cathy Unruh grew up in Georgetown, Delaware and attended college in Pennsylvania. After a short stint teaching college English while a grad student at the University of Delaware, she pursued a career in television to fulfill her desire to be out in the “real world.” Ms. Unruh began her broadcast career as a reporter/anchor at WBOC in Salisbury, Maryland, and then moved to WHTM in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, before coming to WTVT in Tampa in 1991. Ms. Unruh had planned to move on again but fell in love with Tampa Bay; she married in 1999, retired from commercial television and made her permanent home in the area.

Ms. Unruh now hosts “Up Close with Cathy Unruh” on WEDU, is active in several community organizations, including WEDU, The University of Tampa, the International Council of the Tampa Bay Region, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, and Mission MEOW. Animal welfare is one of her chief passions; she is working toward the day when all humans realize that all sentient creatures deserve to be treated humanely. Ms. Unruh has written a novel that will be released by the publisher on October 16th, 2012, coinciding with National Feral Cat Day. Entitled TAMING ME: Memoir of a Clever Island Cat, the book is literary fiction partly based on her work with feral cats. It is a fun and suspenseful romp written in the voice of a kitten who came to be named Lucy Miracle.

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