Ever wonder why some teens stay drug and alcohol free?

The Silent Majority gives some surprising answers to what teens really want to help them make good choices about drugs and alcohol. At no time in history have young people faced more challenges to their health and well-being, yet the majority of teens are making good choices.

The Silent Majority highlights teens and college students impacted by four unique programs that empower them to do the right thing and change their lives forever:

A Roundtable Discussion

In addition to the program, WEDU has produced a roundtable discussion focused on the topics raised in the film, commentary on the programs featured, and insight into other local resources available for teens and families.

Moderator Laura McElroy speaks with four bay area experts who are on the front lines of drug and alcohol abuse and prevention:

  • Dr. Jessica Spencer, Project Director, Manatee County Substance Abuse Coalition
  • Chief Rick Wells, Chief of Police, Palmetto, Florida
  • Dr. Richard Davila, Campus Director, Springfield College School of Human Services
  • Kevin Bandy, Director of Men’s and Women’s Treatment Services at Hanley Center

Topics include:

  • What can parents do to keep track of what their kids are doing and spot drug and alcohol misuse?
  • How young should parents start talking to their kids about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse?
  • How much does it cost to put a child through rehab, how do you pay for it, and is it worth it?
  • What is synthetic marijuana, how do kids get it, and what is the State of Florida doing to keep up with illegal manufacturers who are pushing it to kids?

To learn more about the film, visit www.silentmajoritythemovie.com

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