Examine complex issues and explore new cultures in west central Florida and beyond through WEDU’s in-depth documentaries.


The Florida Dream

Space coast. Climate control. Growth management. Retirement community. Florida has not only become an iconic state but one that has also given birth to new words in the American vernacular. Based on Gary Mormino’s book “Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams,” The Florida Dream examines the great social, cultural and economic forces that drove the dramatic transformation of Florida. Watch Online


Historic Green Village: Generating the Future, Treasuring the Past

Explore how the Historic Green Village on Anna Maria Island, Florida has become a showcase for sustainable living, electrical generation and water conservation by recycling and renovating historic buildings in the area. Learn More


Kids Rock Cancer

KIDS ROCK CANCER examines a unique St. Louis area music therapy program from the patient perspective, through children who have benefited from the program, including 7-year-old Arianna and 19-year-old Pierre. A unique and successful music therapy program, Kids Rock Cancer offers children battling cancer and other blood disorders the opportunity to express what they are experiencing through a creative and supportive intervention. Learn More


The Life and Times of John & Mable Ringling

To some they were show people. To others they were sophisticated connoisseurs of art. But regardless of how people saw John and Mable Ringling, their rags-to-riches story is uniquely American. Watch Online


Project: Shattered Silence

PROJECT: SHATTERED SILENCE is a candid, in-depth look at the remarkable real life stories of 46 teenagers in the Tampa Bay Area. WEDU, in partnership with Ruth Eckerd Hall, captured the catharsis of a group of courageous teenagers who were willing to bare their souls, and share their intriguing, heart-wrenching stories of struggle and survival, rejection and acceptance, and ultimately, unwavering hope. Learn More


The Silent Majority

Ever wonder why some teens stay drug and alcohol free? The Silent Majority gives some surprising answers to what teens really want to help them make good choices about drugs and alcohol. At no time in history have young people faced more challenges to their health and wellbeing, yet the majority of teens are making good choices. Learn More


Too Close to Home: Human Trafficking in Tampa Bay

Behind our world-famous beaches, tourist attractions and sunny suburbs lies an alarming secret: Tampa Bay is a hotbed for human trafficking. The documentary and roundtable discussion are part of a larger effort by WEDU and our partners to bring awareness about human trafficking to our neighborhood. Learn More


Venice, Florida: Moving Forward by Looking Back

Explore the history of Venice from a master planned community, funded in part by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers who wanted a sunny utopian for their brotherhood to today’s “new urbanism” which isn’t new at all for this charming city by the sea. Watch Online