Bringing Florida’s Gulf Coast to Life

Sarasota County resident Jack Perkins, formerly of NBC News and A&Es Biography, hosts this locally produced monthly series showcasing Venice, Sarasota and the adjacent communities.

In October of 2004, The Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice awarded WEDU a grant for $178,014, the largest programming grant the station has ever received in its 45 year history, allowing WEDU to produce this monthly magazine focusing on Sarasota County. “Our Foundation Board wants to highlight for our communities and the entire WEDU viewing area how connected we all are, and to illuminate the wonderful stories and good works happening in our communities every day. We see WEDU and A Gulf Coast Journal as a perfect way to accomplish both goals,” said Teri A. Hansen, President/CEO Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice.

Now in its eighth season, A Gulf Coast Journal has received 9 Suncoast Emmy Awards, 33 Suncoast Emmy nominations and 2 Griot Drum Awards. The program has been recognized under the categories: Best Magazine Program, Best Feature Segment, Best Education/Schools Program, Best Nostalgia Program, Best Coverage of People of Color, Best Writing and Best Photography.


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A Gulf Coast Journal | PBS Video

With each journal entry of the Emmy award-winning series, host Jack Perkins brings the artful, innovative, sometimes odd, and always interesting people and places of West Central Florida to life. (Last episode produced June 2012)

A Gulf Coast Journal | September 2011 Preview

With each journal entry, veteran host Jack Perkins brings Florida's Gulf Coast to life.

A Gulf Coast Journal | August 2011

One story leads to another! See what story ideas were born from a woman and her washboard.

A Gulf Coast Journal | August 2011 Preview

One story leads to another. See what story ideas were born from a woman and her washboard.

A Gulf Coast Journal | July 2011

Visit elementary students, evil insects, llocal llamas, egg painting and more.

A Gulf Coast Journal | July 2011 Preview

Preview for the July 28th episode of A Gulf Coast Journal

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