WEDU hosted a collection of DOWNTON ABBEY themed events to celebrate the premiere of Season 4, including preview screenings, a lavish dinner, a New Year’s Eve party, and more. More Information

12/31/13 at The Straz Center, Tampa

Guests rang in the New Year in true Crawley family style and elegance, co-hosted by WEDU PBS and The Straz Center. The evening began as the manor’s house staff eagerly greeted guests upon arrival. Under the grand canopy just outside the Abbey, the “newest” four-wheeled marvels awaited while Mr. Carson’s staff passed some of Mrs. Patmore’s delectable pre-dinner fineries. Late Night Brass counted down to midnight, and guests enjoyed a bountiful menu including field and fowl stations lining the grand corridors. Between sampling all of the decadent dinner selections and stepping out on the dance floor, guests created memories with photos in the DOWNTON ABBEY photo booth, visited the after-dinner retreat, sampled British candy, explored the corridors of the manor, and more.

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