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Older Job Seekers: Get Social and Mobile

Older job seekers need to get better using social networks and smartphones to find work. Here's how.

How Apple Cake Saved Her From Foreclosure

Angela Logan baked apple cakes furiously to stave off foreclosure. Now her story is a made-for-TV movie, 'Apple Mortgage Cake.'

‘There is No Cure for Aging’ — So Embrace It

This video inspires us to age well and celebrate growing old

How a False Sense of Security Can Doom Job Seekers

These are four ways a false sense of security can doom job seekers.

Male Osteoporosis: Are You at Risk?

Preventive steps you can take and ways to boost your bone density.

What Pre-Retirees Should Be Asking About Taxes

With April 15 over, it's a good time for pre-retirees to ask themselves these key questions about their retirement plans so they'll make tax-savvy decisions.

America's Surprising Binge Drinkers: People Over 65

A new study reveals binge drinking is done most frequently by people 65 and older. Here’s what to do if it's become a problem for your spouse or your parents.

4 Handy Apps for Your Doctor Appointments

Here's a quick-hit guide to tools for tracking your medical information to help you better remember and understand your doctor's visit.

When Magazines You Don't Want Clog Your Mailbox

If you've been receiving magazines you never ordered, it may be due to something you did while shopping online. How to prevent that goof and what to do to get the magazines to stop coming.

Determine Your Hierarchy of Needs for Retirement

The author of 'The New Retirementality' created a hierarchy of financial needs for retirement to help you meet your goals

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