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How to Deal with a Neighbor From Hell

From dog poop to all-night parties, neighbor disputes can make life impossible. Here are seven ways to handle disputes and prevent them from making life unbearable.

Why Smart People Fall for Investment Scams

The authors of 'Financial Serial Killers,' Tom Ajamie and Bruce Kelly, explain what makes us fall for financial frauds and offer seven questions you need to ask to avoid getting duped.

The 12 Best, New Fall Books

Here are one reviewer's top picks from authors like Ian McEwan, Stephen King, and more.

Beware Direct-to-Consumer Breast Cancer Tests

Alternative detection devices are unproven.

Joan Lunden's Daughters' Advice on Battling Cancer

When the diagnosis came, her daughters came together to rally and care for her. Here's their advice for other young adults who find themselves in a similar  position.

8 Great Apps to Help You Land a Job

These free tools for your smartphone let you network, search postings and stay organized.

Why You Should Begin Year-End Retirement Planning

Don't wait. Now's the time to start your end-of-year retirement planning. Here's a 10-point checklist to guide you.

5 Secrets to Transform Your Experience of Aging

Ed Merck, author of Sailing the Mystery, says his five secrets will help you shift from a sense of loss as you grow older to a sense of gain.

Cleaning Out My Mother’s Apartment

This author describes how keeping her mother's possessions makes her seem near.

11 Inspiring Quotes for Caregivers

Words to bring strength and wisdom, and alleviate worry.

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