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Sally Quinn on Ben Bradlee’s Final Days

Legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee's wife, Sally Quinn, speaks about her role as a caregiver while he had Alzheimer's and calls it "sacred."

The Revolutionary Norman Lear, On Life

At 92, TV giant Norman Lear lives with no regrets, is pitching new scripts and finds joy in the small things, like his breakfast omelette.

When Your Adult Child Has a Mental Health Issue

It's hard to help your grown children when they're struggling with mental health conditions, especially if they're no longer living with you. Here's how parents can offer support and stay connected.

Why Learning a Language Could Save Your Career

Being fluent in another language can help you stand out at work or find a job. Here are the in-demand languages and how to learn a foreign tongue in midlife.

Retirement Saving: Workers and Firms Must Step Up

New retirement studies from Wells Fargo and Transamerica suggest that employees and firms need to get cranking.

5 Real Estate Mistakes That Retirees Make

Longtime homeowners can make rookie real estate mistakes when they retire. Here are five errors you don't want to make.

How to Deal with a Neighbor From Hell

From dog poop to all-night parties, neighbor disputes can make life impossible. Here are seven ways to handle disputes and prevent them from making life unbearable.

How Denial Kept Him From Confronting His Weight

Here's what finally drove this man to face his lifelong struggle with obesity and take action.

When You Feel Like the Oldest Person at Work

An intergenerational workplace expert says you should get over it and offers tips for boomers whose colleagues are members of Gen X and Gen Y.

The Retirement Crisis Facing Gays and Lesbians

A new study of older LGBT Americans, from SAGE, finds serious fears and concerns about retirement not shared by older non-LGBT people.

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