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Your Parent or Kid Moved In: Are You Covered?

You may need to amend your homeowner's and automobile insurance policies if your elderly parent or grown child has moved in with you.

How to Customize Your Resume When Job Hunting

Career coach Susan P. Joyce says if you make these five adjustments to match yourself to the particular position, you'll become a stronger job candidate.

5 Keys to a Late-Start Retirement Plan

Here are the key steps to take to catch up on your retirement planning.

These Boomers Run Their Whole Town

Volunteer power gives the residents service and saves their village money.

4 Career Lessons From Weird Al Yankovic

His album is No. 1 and you can learn some lessons for success at work based on how it got there.

6 Ways to Lead Upward at Work

Career coach Beverly Jones explains how making your boss look good can help your career and shows you six ways to do it.

What to Do When the Stock Market Crashes

The answer, says this expert, depends on whether you're 10 or more years from retirement or not.

5 Must-Know Retirement Savings Concepts

Understanding these five concepts will help you grow your retirement investments.

Help for Older Americans With Money Struggles

The free EconomicCheckUp site, from the National Council on Aging, has saved users thousands of dollars.

Why Boomers Are a Boon to the U.S. Economy

Lincoln Caplan says the widely-used "dependency ratio" is inaccurate and that other measures are better gauges of demographics and aging in America.

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