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Can You Afford to Be Generous to Your Heirs?

How much should you give to your adult kids? It may too early to put your money in their hands.

7 Brain-Boosting Effects of Exercise

Research shows that working up a sweat makes you smarter, less forgetful and happier.

The TV Shows You Need to Watch This Fall

Check out these best bets of this season's television lineup, with shows that have real-life situations facing boomers.

Experts: How to Fix the U.S. Retirement System

The Senate Finance Committee today held a hearing called Retirement Savings 2.0. Here are the ideas floated by experts there.

What Medicare Doesn't Cover: A Preretiree's Guide writer Elizabeth Renter shows you where the big gaps are and how you can fill them.

Here's How Much Caregivers Pay Out-of-Pocket

A new survey from shows how kicking in to help a family member can derail your retirement. Here's where caregivers can find help.

Think Twice Before You Text That Message

A hand surgeon explains the dangers of texting — and why it's worse for boomers.

Take This Retirement IQ Test to See What You Know

This retirement IQ test, created by Walter Updegrave of Real Deal Retirement, will let you learn where your knowledge falls short and how to improve your retirement prospects.

The Bottom Line on Home Equity Lines

You may be considering a home equity credit line, now that home values are rising and interest rates are low. Here's what you'll need to know.

Buying a Timeshare: The Pros and Cons

Financial adviser Ron Kelemen offers cautionary advice for anyone thinking about making this vacation-stay purchase.

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