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Is It Time for a Hands-Off 401(k)?

A new research paper by six professors from Harvard, Yale and Cambridge, says that today's 401(k) rules make it too easy to tap your money for reasons other than retirement. They propose an additional type of 401(k) account that could be used only for retirement.

A Wife's Death Means a New Beginning

The author is still numb after two years of intensive caregiving and by his wife's passing, but energized by the possibility of starting a new life.

How Couples Can Profit from Social Security’s Quirks

Couples can increase their lifetime Social Security benefits dramatically by timing when they'll file for benefits.

Becoming a Farmer In Retirement

Some boomers are becoming farmers in retirement, either because they love the idea or they need the money. Here's a look at three of them, plus advice if you're considering making this switch for your Unretirement.

Crowdfunding Funeral Costs for a Loved One

Friends and relatives now pitch in to help cover funeral expenses through online crowdfunding campaigns.

Help Parents Avoid Unwanted Medical Treatment

A new study shows older Americans aren’t getting the type of care they want at life’s end.

Great Ways to Lose Weight Without Really Trying

Put your weight loss on autopilot with these easy tips for dropping 10 pounds or more.

The Benefits of Living In a Teeny House

The author of 'The Big Tiny' shares how she got rid of her normal-sized home and most of her belongings to live in a 84-square-foot house on a trailer. Here's why she recommends others do the same.

The Worst Advice I Got After a Layoff

Now employed again, this woman is glad she didn't follow four suggestions from her ex-colleagues. She found it was critical to get right back out there after losing a job. 

Retirement Advice: Getting Better, But Still Deficient

A new Hearts and Wallets study of 29 financial firms and tools has eye-opening results you'll want to know if you want retirement-planning advice.

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